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A Nerd, a nerd, a nerd is the word!

My name is Tim. This is my very nerdy personal blog.
Apr 15 '14


Hey Auburn students,

I’m not sure how much truth there is to this, but there was a threat written on a bathroom stall in Lowder that threatened a shooting on campus tomorrow (April 16th). No matter how true or false this threat is, everyone please be safe on campus tomorrow, okay?

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14


If you’re a PKMN and NBA fan like I am, then you’ll love this.

Pokemon NBA, by Micah Coles.

If you weren’t a sports enthusiast, now you are! What is your favorite team(s)?

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 14 '14

Harrison Ford Answers Man’s Oldest Question
Yes, this really happened. 


Harrison Ford Answers Man’s Oldest Question

Yes, this really happened

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Apr 13 '14

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Apr 13 '14



pharell williams and will ferrell have reverse names


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Apr 13 '14


The IronMash Super Hero Series - Created by BossLogic

What if Iron Man made suits for other super heroes? This series by Boss Logic might give us a pretty good idea. Check out his website or Facebook for more of his IronMash series, and to keep up on his other awesome work.

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Apr 13 '14


walk into the club like what up I’VE GOT A DREAM


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Apr 13 '14

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